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According to the human rights organization «Human Rights Watch», a total of 59 civilians, including 33 children, were killed as a result of only two (presumably) Russian air strikes in the northern part of the province of Homs. Picture is a disappointing one, given that statistics is presented for the victims of only one day.

Currently the unrecognised republic controls an area of about 7,853 km2 area, stretching from the town of Novoazovsk in the south to the city of Debaltseve in the north, but from April to July 2014 the unrecognised republic controlled most of Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast’s 26,517 km2. Territory in Donetsk Oblast under the control of the Donetsk People’s Republic or the Luhansk People’s Republic (in pink), https://itstep.org/ as of 2015. The research object is the “philosophy of security”, which has recently shifted from a merely theoretical discourse to a more practical sphere. The author considers the neoconservatism ideology in the context of the modern geopolitics and the challenges of international terrorism. At the present time this ideology is espoused in the U.S. by both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Some kind of consultations between Russia and the United States remain. As of January 14, there were about 17 phone calls and a series of meetings between Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry after the decision on the beginning of Russian bombing Syrian territory; there статьи обозреватель was an exchange of views on the situation in Syria during these meetings. In addition, the prospects for Russian diplomatic efforts on Syria are stored in the framework of Vienna process to resolve the situation in the country, which began October 30, 2015.

It seems that the final withdrawal of Russia from Syria will be very similar on the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, the only significant difference is that there is no ground forces of our country in this area, in this case. The Islamic world might not be able to forgive the Russian military operation in Syria, it will be capable of turning into a completely different forms. Objectively, civilian casualties can not be avoided during the bombings in a campaign against terrorism within the boundaries of settlements, and the like, which is certainly a negative impact on the attitude of the Muslim Ummah to our country.

The parliament of the Donetsk People’s Republic is the People’s Soviet and has 100 deputies. On 31 August 2018, Head and Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko was killed in an explosion in a cafe in Donetsk.

Meanwhile the previous favorable view of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the DPR press was replaced by with personal accusations of “genocide” and “crimes against Donbas,” and proposals of organizing a tribunal against him in absentia. In March 2020 Russian was declared to be the only state language of the DPR.

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This led to an increase of supplies (of more expensive products and those of lower quality) from Russia. The Donetsk People’s Republic has its own central bank, the Donetsk Republican Bank. The Donetsk People’s Republic has a mixed economy. Following a large scale privatisation process in the late 90s, most of the companies in the Donetsk People’s Republic are now privately owned. The economy is based on a mix of heavy industry (steel production), electricity production, and manufacturing (textile production), which together account for about 80% of the total industrial output.

  • Since Russia does not recognise the legal status of the self-proclaimed republic all the trade it does with it is on the basis of Ukrainian law.
  • By late October 2014 many banks and other businesses in the Donetsk People’s Republic were shut and people were often left without social benefits payments.
  • According to Yury Makohon, from the Ukrainian National Institute for Strategic Studies, «Trade volume between Russia and Donetsk Oblast has seen a massive slump since the beginning of 2014».
  • Early October 2014 Zakharchenko had stated «The economy will be completely, if possible, oriented towards the Russian market. We consider Russia our strategic partner», according to Zakharchenko this would «secure our economy from impacts from outside, including from Ukraine».

News Story From Eurasia Review On Sunday 26 April 2020

In November 2016 the DPR announced that all of its citizens had dual Ukrainian/Donetsk People’s Republic https://deveducation.com/ citizenship. On 30 April, Donetsk Republic chairman Pushilin flew to Moscow and held a press conference.

In its May 2014 constitution DPR had declared Russian and Ukrainian its official languages. In March 2016, the DPR began to issue passports despite a 2015 statement by Zakharchenko that, without at least partial recognition of DPR, local passports would be a «waste of resources».

In June 2015, around 500 people protested in Donetsk against the war in Donbass and in support of the Ukrainian government. In October 2014 the Donetsk People’s Republic announced the creation статьи обозреватель of its own central bank and tax office, obliging residents to register under their Donetsk People’s Republic and pay taxes to it. Some local entrepreneurs refused to register.

After his death Dmitry Trapeznikov was appointed as head of the government until September 2019 when he was nominated mayor of Elista, capital of Kalmyk Republic in Russia. In early April 2014, a Donetsk People’s Council was formed out of protesters who occupied the building of the Donetsk Regional Council on 6 April 2014. In a poll conducted by статьи обозреватель Kiev International Institute of Sociology in the first half of February 2014, 33.2% of people polled in Donetsk Oblast believed «Ukraine and Russia must unite into a single state». Since December 2019 Ukrainian passports are no longer considered a valid identifying document in the DPR and Ukrainian license plates were also declared illegal.

It seems that Washington’s total mistrust towards our country is a real obstacle to the coordination of Russian and the U.S. operations. Russian commitment to support the current Syrian regime, a guarantor of security and the only alternative to a complete Islamization of Syria, is not fully consistent with the position of the anti-ISIS coalition, resulting in reluctance to share data about the locations of military forces. As mentioned above, according to the American press, Russia does airstrikes on positions of moderate Syrian forces.

The author notes that the unprecedented growth of terrorist threat in the world has raised the significance of the discussion about the correlation and symmetry of such categories as “personal freedom”, “state”, “private rights” and “security”. The study is based on the comparative analysis of the political and philosophical https://deveducation.com/events/obozrevatel-article/ ideology of the “global mission” of neocons, using the example of the homeland security protection in the U.S. and the New Left in France. the direct involvement of the Islamic State has not been proved yet. At the same time, the intensification of the bombing is not able to cope with the radical ideology of the terrorists.