«This music will last forever if I change the batteries.» today’s youth no longer know these songs. And after all, the generation of their fathers grew up on them. In those songs, you can always find a line, or rather, even the necessary lines, they come to memory on their own, helping to better describe this or that phenomenon.

As planned by the author of these lines, CSKA took the third match. And in full accordance with the forecast, the match turned out to be very grassroots and the victory was obtained outside of normal time. True, I hoped that the opponents would play longer in overtime, and even better – in overtime. But the Muscovites did not have enough time.

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You ask what will happen next? Then CSKA will breathe out a little and in the fourth game will not be as hard as in the third. Lokomotiv will “cocked” a little more, because he has already lost in front of his audience and losing for the second time in a row will somehow not be comme il faut. All this in total, where on the one hand it will decrease a little, and on the other will add a little, will lead to the fact that, again, in a very grassroots match, but this time already within the limits of normal time, Lokomotiv will win. With a little clarification: if it comes to overtime, then the army team will win again. Since there are no equal to them in terms of extra time now in the KHL.

But I hope it doesn’t come to that. And Yaroslavl will level the score in the series by organizing another home match for their fans.

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