The judicial approach in direction of the quantum of damages is certainly one of moderation. “does not bind the promisor to contract it or to perform what might have been agreed upon in the occasion of non-fulfilment of the promise”. Engagement rings are given unconditionally, so that they proceed to be the property of the donee if the engagement is damaged or terminated. This view was taken in one sheriff court docket case and a presumption to this effect has now been adopted by statute in England. An agreement to marry in Scots law could additionally be terminated by mutual consent, or by impossibility of performance.

Since acrimony surrounded some terminations of engagements, it might be higher for the law to provide “a fairly certain basis on which the events may be suggested what preparations are open to them”. The introduction of such a scheme would actually “be using a very massive hammer to crack a really small nut”. Even if group of property had been to be proposed later by the Law Commission for married persons, it might be inappropriate and unacceptable to impose it upon engaged couples. The Commission had earlier advised that the adjustment scheme should apply in all circumstances where an meant marriage didn’t take place, similar to where the engagement was terminated by mutual settlement or the place one of many parties died. “f, as we consider, it is necessary that events must be free to terminate an engagement, then it can hardly be thought desirable to retain the contractual results of an agreement to marry”.

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Dakhlalla compares the propaganda to the pressure of a automobile salesman offering a reduced value for a restricted time only. In the midst of an excellent sales pitch, something can sound irresistible. Logical reasoning resurfaces solely later, with purchaser’s remorse.

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Compensation must also be paid to the opposite engaged individual for the losses she or he might have suffered by having taken other steps affecting his or her property or supply of earnings in expectation of the marriage. Losses could additionally be compensated only to such extent as the expenses, the undertaking of the obligations and the opposite steps had been reasonable within the circumstances. The duty to pay compensation doesn’t come up if there’s a grave cause for withdrawal from the engagement. Moreover, if an engaged particular person, by any fault that constitutes a grave reason for withdrawal, causes the withdrawal by the opposite person, he or she will be liable to pay compensation. There may be no motion for breach of promise except a contract to marry has been made. There aren’t any formal necessities regarding the contract.

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Section 2 of the Evidence Further Amendment Act 1869 requires that the evidence of the plaintiff in a breach of promise motion “shall be corroborated by another materials evidence in help of such promise”. Nigeria is a federal republic divided into 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory. The Federal Government workouts jurisdiction throughout the nation on certain issues whereas State Governments exercises jurisdiction on different points. The Nigerian Police Force is a federal, nationwide police drive.